Springtime is known to bring warm weather, blooming flowers, and unpredictable rain showers. This means allergens will be more present in the air. Due to this, you want to make sure that your home’s indoor air quality is prepared to handle these airborne allergens.

Here are some tips on how to control allergens and improve your home’s air quality.

What is in the Air?

Common seasonal allergies in Oklahoma include pollen and mold, along with regular dust that collects in your home. Pollen comes mostly from trees that produce it during this season and then is carried by the wind and rain. It can also be tracked inside your home from your clothes, shoes, animals, and unfiltered air units.

Mold can also occur when there is excess moisture where water is commonly used such as in the bathroom or kitchen. This can be a simple fix by reducing the length of running water and not adding extra humidity in the air with things such as humidifiers.

These allergens can be troubling to all of us, but they are especially intense to people with respiratory sensitivity.

Combat Allergens on Your Person

One of the easiest ways to help with airborne allergens is to keep yourself and other items clean that are exposed to the outside regularly. You should leave your shoes outside along with changing and washing your clothes once you come inside. You should shower or just rinse off since the allergens can also stick to your skin. This applies to your pets too since their fur can track it inside.

It is also important to keep your house clean by vacuuming and washing sheets regularly. You should wipe down surfaces where dust collects and limit the use of overhead fans since they will spread particles around the room.

While you want to be outside soaking up the nice spring sun, it will be beneficial to check the pollen count before venturing out. High levels will worsen your allergies. Once you come back inside, make sure your windows and doors are closed completely and seal well to keep blown allergens from coming inside.

Indoor Air Quality Services

There are also professional options that can strengthen your fight against seasonal allergies and give your home higher air quality, such as the Reme Halo Air Purification system.

Having a reliable air purification system can remove up to 99.8% of the harmful allergens in the air. The whole-home systems are installed in your AC ducts and will stop unwanted pollutants from floating in the air, therefore, protecting you and your home.

Replacing AC filters is also an important part of maintaining air quality that professionals can perform in your home. Making sure your filters are changed regularly will improve the quality and efficiency of the air system. The debris that builds up on filters and vents can restrict airflow and cause unwanted particles to be blown in.

When it comes to how the season affects you and members of your home, it is important to take precautionary steps. Schedule an indoor air quality appointment to make sure your home is ready for spring!

Contact the Experts

For indoor air quality needs, contact the professionals at Norman Air. Our experts can help prepare you for the spring allergens and get your home to produce the best air quality possible. Contact us today to get your service request started.

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