Air conditioning systems can seem confusing, and proper air conditioner maintenance seems like a daunting task. It can also be stressful to think about having your unit malfunction at the very moment you need it most during the next warm season.

At Norman Air, we employ professionals you can count on. They are focused on providing the community with high-quality work. We offer a host of heating and AC tune-up services in the event that your unit malfunctions. There are also many preventative measures you can put into practice in the fall to help keep your HVAC unit prepared for the next summer.

1. Changing Your Air Filter Regularly

When your AC unit’s air filter is extremely clogged or dirty your air conditioning system will likely not function properly or efficiently. This leads to a lot of stress and pressure being put on your air conditioning system. This can also negatively impact the air quality in your home.

Changing your air filter regularly, preferably once every month, can help you maintain your air conditioning system and improve its performance.

2. Cleaning Your AC Unit’s Fins

All air conditioning systems have condensers and evaporators, parts of the AC unit which have fins. As time passes, the fins inside your unit’s condensers and evaporators can become bent or accumulate a lot of dirt and debris. Regularly checking these fins and cleaning them or fixing any bending with a fin comb can prevent insufficient airflow and keep your air conditioning system functioning smoothly.

3. Remove Debris From the Area Around Your AC Unit

Leaves, branches, vegetation, and other debris can collect around your AC unit over the course of the season. You should regularly check that there are about two feet of open space on each side of the unit to help achieve proper airflow. This also assists in keeping your system’s air conditioning coils clean.

During the winter months, it might also be useful to cover your unit’s condenser with plywood or plastic. One should be careful not to cover all of the unit’s sides, as this could lead to the accumulation of moisture and corrosion within the unit.

4. Be Sure to Inspect Your Unit’s, Condensate Drain

Your unit’s condensate drain can clog, which can obstruct proper drainage of the condensation within the air conditioning system.

If water is not draining from the condensate drain properly you can attempt to unclog the drain yourself, or you can contact a professional for help.

5. Schedule a Maintenance Appointment for A System Tune-up

Your air conditioning system isn’t indestructible. It’s normal that you’ll need to get professional assistance with your air conditioner maintenance, and a tune-up for the fall season is the most important preventative measure you can take to ensure you can keep your AC unit running smoothly.

6. Re-examining Your Air Conditioning System in the Spring

As the seasons begin to phase back towards the warmer months, you’ll want to repeat some of the maintenance steps listed above so that your unit is prepared to be used again. You might want to perform the following maintenance activities in the spring:

  • Replace your filter
  • Test your cooling system
  • Clean your cooling system
  • Inspect and clear debris away from your outdoor condenser

Maintaining your air conditioning system can feel intimidating, but the maintenance tips shared above can help ensure your AC unit will continue to function properly. If you run into any trouble with your air conditioner maintenance, Norman Air is the leading HVAC and plumbing company in Norman, OKC, and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on providing quality service!

Contact us and schedule an appointment online to start practicing proper AC system upkeep today!

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