How do I make my HVAC last longer and cost me less each month?

We understand that replacing or upgrading your HVAC system is a serious financial decision. We are here to help you troubleshoot the best solutions for your HVAC problems. When repairs no longer make sense financially and the time has come to replace your unit, there are several things you can do to save money on your HVAC utility bills as well as help prolong the life of your unit.

How Do I Reduce My Utility Bill?

  • Install a Variable Speed AC unit! We install American Standard AccuComfort Variable Speed Units that have a SEER rating of 18 or 20 depending on the unit you choose. SEER rating stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher number, the higher the energy savings. Learn More about SEER ratings here.
  • Have a Wifi Thermostat installed – we like Google Nest. These are programmable to cool your house according to a schedule you set. To save the most money, we suggest programming it to cool your house when you are home, otherwise, keep it around 78 degrees so that your AC isn’t working hard all day.
  • Keep your unit clean and maintained to improve efficiency.

Saving On Wear and Tear

You should always have your unit cleaned and tuned up biannually. While we are at your home performing biannual maintenance, we will check your drain line, inspect air ducts for leaks, test the motor components, and make sure freon levels are optimal. This way the motor will not be working harder than it needs to and we will prolong the life of your AC unit.

You can call and schedule a tune-up or sign up for our Comfort Club which allows us to keep a close eye on your unit year-round with biannual maintenance, plumbing inspections, and discounted service and repair rates.

There are a few other accessories that we like to add to a system to keep it running strong 10+ years down the road. These accessories include the following:

  • Basic compressor saver kit
  • Ultimate compressor saver kit
  • Drain Cleanout – prevents buildup in your drain line
  • Drain Safety Switch (turns unit off if there is a clog in the drain line, saving your home from water damage)
  • Locking caps (provide a better seal on freon lines, prevents theft)
  • Surge protector

Learn more about these products to prolong the life of your AC here.

In addition, while we are installing or working on your system there are other safety and health features we can add on to protect those in your home. Ask our technicians for more information.

Air Quality

To prevent or help combat allergens we can install the Reme Halo, which is an air duct sanitizing system. This helps your filters trap dust, mold, and allergens and kills mold spores and bacteria in your vents as well as in the air inside your home! Learn about air quality and reducing allergens.

CO and Gas Detector

If you have a natural gas furnace or water heater or even use propane appliances, a CO and Gas Detector is vital. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be fatal as well as gas leaks, but you can feel secure in using natural gas in your home if you have detectors installed properly around your home. We recommend having one on each floor with a gas appliance and 5-10 feet from each gas appliance or fireplace.

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