Storms In Oklahoma

Just recently, 7 tornados blew through the Norman and OKC Metro Area, causing a power outage for over 33,000 homes.

In 2022, the Norman/Moore/Oklahoma City Metro Area had at least 9 major power outages through the summer and winter! Each event left between 2,000-12,000 people without power, often for several days.

In October 2020, a significant ice storm left ~300,000 households in the OKC Metro/Norman/Moore areas without power. This outage lasted for a week — or more for some households! Oklahoma weather is volatile and high winds, tornados, thunderstorms, and ice storms frequently roll in without advance notice.

Get Ahead Of Severe Weather Threats

It’s time to assess your electricity needs and Norman Air can help you prepare for foul weather and power outages. Spring and fall are the perfect times to install whole-home generators to avoid an emergency rush, which can delay installation and cause supply chain issues during peak buying times.

Many folks install whole-home generators to avoid the inconvenience of outages right away and allow their heating and cooling systems to operate without interruption, no matter the season! The independence that this affords homeowners is reason enough to install a system, but power outages can be dangerous for those with medical conditions or transportation limitations.

Reasons To Install A Whole-Home Generator:

  • 1. Prevent the loss of perishable food supplies.
  • 2. During an electrical outage, EV (electric vehicle) charging is impossible without a generator, stranding owners if their vehicle’s battery is low.
  • 3. Municipal water systems are pressurized, allowing water to flow during outages (the water plant also has a generator if needed). But homes in rural areas rely on a well for a freshwater supply, often powered by an electric pump, which will not flow during a power outage. Connecting your well pump to a generator will provide water flow during a power outage.
  • 4. Sump pumps are ineffective without electricity. During a heavy downpour, this could put your home at risk of flooding/water damage!
  • 5. If you have a home business, it will shut down during an electrical outage. Many recent local power outages lasted for several days to over a week at times! Protect your business by investing in a generator.
  • 6. Medical devices, such as a heart monitor, oxygen concentrator, rechargeable power chair, etc., will also need a source of electricity in order to operate during an emergency power outage!

Never Waver With A Generator

Storm season begins soon – be prepared to face any power outage with a whole-home generator from Norman Air. We have generators in stock now and can have your system installed at your convenience! Call now with any questions or to schedule a free estimate!

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