Electricity hums throughout your entire home, powering all your favorite technology and useful appliances. Unfortunately, the very power that makes your life so much easier can be extremely dangerous if not inspected regularly. Many homeowners in Norman don’t schedule electrical services until something’s wrong, but electrical inspections are important to keeping your home safe!

Norman Air offers the best in electrical safety and efficiency with thorough whole-home inspections. Our technicians are highly trained with precise skills that bring your home up to code and out of danger in no time. If you wonder when your home is due for an electrical inspection, keep reading!

How Do Electrical Inspections Promote Safety?

Depending on the age of your home, your electrical wiring has likely had years to shift, weaken or be affected by time. Scheduling an electrical inspection allows a professional to get eyes on all of your home’s wiring and evaluate if there are hazards looming.

Fire Safety

The risk that faulty wiring poses to your home is very real. In fact, home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year according to The Electric Safety Foundation.

The last thing Norman Air wants is for your family to be in danger. Especially when we’re just a call away! Our whole-home inspections can save you worry and reduce your risk.

Shock Safety

When our technicians perform electrical inspections in Norman, they identify all areas of exposed wiring or potentially hazardous connections. In the event of natural disasters like storms, there is an increased risk of electrical shocks because electricity can travel through damp insulation. Our technicians will make sure your home is ready to weather any storm!

In addition, when electricity is not controlled correctly through outlets and insulation, the risk of shocks becomes much more severe. Rouge currents of electricity can be harmful and even fatal!

Legal Compliance

The National Electrical Code (NEC) creates electrical standards for safety and legality. Our technicians are all trained to understand the electrical codes in Norman. We will ensure your home is up to the latest safety standards.

Specifically, if you have recently bought or own an older home, the electrical wiring may be designed according to older safety codes. It’s important that your wiring is updated for legal and safety reasons.

Should You Schedule A Safety Inspection?

Norman Air recommends that ALL homes have regular electrical inspection services completed. However, it’s most important to have your wiring inspected in these situations:

  • During the sale or purchase of a home
  • Before or during a major home renovation or add-on
  • When installing a new appliance (large appliances)
  • If your outlets get hot or make sizzling noises
  • If you struggle with flickering lights frequently
  • If your home is older than 40 years old

Our licensed electricians address wiring in all parts of the home to make sure that the risk of electrical issues is low. Electrical work doesn’t have to be stressful with partners like Norman Air spotting potential problems far in advance!

Partner With The Best Norman Electrician Today

Norman Air wants your home to operate effectively AND stay safe. Our electrical inspections are just one of the many ways we can serve your home’s electrical system. We take a comprehensive approach to our services, guaranteeing that your electrical services are done right the first time.

If you’re ready to schedule your inspection, give us a call! If you need any other electrical services — such as panel upgrades, ceiling fan installation or surge protection — contact us!

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