What are these noises in my house?

Your house may be asking for help! There are several sounds that can occur in your home that you should not ignore as they can be signs of HVAC or Plumbing problems. Our team can address these issues when performing our biannual HVAC tune-ups and annual plumbing inspections, just make sure to mention it to your service technician.

We rely on your help to gather day-to-day information about your central air and plumbing system, and any changes in the norm, so we can do a complete inspection!

Plumbing Noises in Your Home

  • Why is my toilet making gurgling sounds? This could indicate a blocked vent stack or even a blocked sewer line.
  • Why are my pipes rattling? This could be caused by high water pressure or, in older houses, flooded air chambers in your plumbing system. Rattling noises can also be caused by poorly secured pipes. Regardless, to prevent further damage, call a plumber to solve the issue before the damage becomes more expensive to fix.
  • Why do I hear running water when no one is using the plumbing? The sound could indicate a busted pipe somewhere in your home—even inside a wall or under the floor! This also can be as simple as needing a new flapper in your toilet. If you cannot locate the source, call a plumber ASAP to catch it before extensive damage is done.
  • Why is there a crackling/bubbling sound from my water heater? This sound is from the sediment bubbling, which could be a sign that the tank might be prematurely failing. Water heaters should be flushed out periodically, so call our plumbers to come to flush out your water heater tank to avoid excess wear and tear on your system!

Heater & Air Conditioning System Noises

  • Why is my furnace whistling? This type of sound could indicate the need for a filter change. A dirty filter could cause the furnace to overcompensate and possibly cause exhaust gases to be pulled into the home. You should change the filters on a monthly basis, or more frequently in homes with pets!
  • Why is my air conditioner shrieking? If your air conditioning unit is making a shrieking noise, this may indicate a problem with the fan motor. This sound may also be caused by a broken motor in the compressor of the outside condenser system. A screeching or squealing noise may also be caused by a damaged blower fan motor inside your house.
  • Why is my house humming? A humming noise emanating from inside your air conditioner could be due to a defective contactor relay switch. This component starts the outdoor condenser unit when it receives a signal from your thermostat. Do not ignore electrical issues in your system! Get this checked out right away. This will cause severe damage to your central air conditioning system that will lead to expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance can help prevent this or catch it early!
  • Why is there a buzzing sound coming from my AC Unit? Never ignore a buzzing noise from your central air conditioning system. This could indicate loose or unbalanced fan blades in your outdoor condenser unit. This may be due to a faulty outdoor fan motor, dirty condenser coils, or loose components. A buzzing sound may also be a sign of an obstruction near the copper lines that are connected to your air conditioner. The most severe issue that may be the culprit of this problem is a refrigerant leak. Please do not ignore this buzzing sound! Preventative maintenance by a licensed technician should be performed on your system to catch these issues early and hopefully prevent these issues from happening.
  • Why are there rattling noises coming from my air conditioner? In the best-case scenario, your air conditioner may be making a rattling noise due to debris in your outdoor condenser unit. Worst case scenario, this air conditioner sound may be produced by a damaged electrical contactor in your system. This issue should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent damage to the compressor of your central air conditioner. This is routinely inspected during your biannual tune-up – you have that scheduled right?
  • Why do I hear clicking sounds when my AC starts? This could be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. At the beginning or end of your cooling cycles, you may hear a brief clicking noise. However, it is not normal to hear a clicking sound continuously. Since the process of removing and installing a new thermostat is not easy, call in a knowledgeable HVAC Service Technician.
  • Why are there bubbling sounds coming from my AC Unit? This sound could be caused by excess moisture in your air conditioner. This may indicate a blockage, crack, or hole in your drainage pipe. You may be able to inspect the drainage line and identify the crack, but blockages and holes will be more difficult to locate. Additionally, we do not recommend replacing the drainage line on your own. You should trust a professional service technician with the appropriate tools and parts to get it done right.

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