The Environmental Protection Agency states that up to 10% of homes could have undetected water line leaks. That means almost 8 million homeowners in the United States might have water leaking from their water mains, wasting thousands of gallons of water and thousands of dollars a year. The last thing you want as a homeowner is to let that leak keep pushing your water bill higher and higher!

Norman Air can help you identify the presence of a water main leak and offer the best Norman leak repair. With our team of experts at your side and your trusty list of water leak symptoms, you’ll have no problem with water leak detection!

Water Leak Symptoms

Whether it’s in the yard or in your home, a puddle of water is a clear sign that water is escaping from somewhere it shouldn’t. Unless the water can be attributed to recent rainfall or manual use of water, it’s best to contact professionals.

Indoor Water Damage
When those puddles are undetected or left unaddressed, they tend to get worse — especially inside your home! If you notice a large dark or damp spot on your ceilings, walls, or floors, you likely have a puddle of escaped water forming out of your eyesight. This can also lead to the bubbling of your sheetrock or bowed ceilings.

Abnormal Water Sounds
Your plumbing is almost entirely hidden in your walls, which means you’ll likely miss the visible signs of water leaking. However, leaking water can lead to some strange sounds that you can use to identify a leak. If you hear hissing, bubbling, whistling, or clanking sounds in your plumbing, you could have a leak!

Mold & Mildew
While mold is not a healthy or convenient thing to have in your home, it is a great indicator that you have a damp or wet area you don’t know about. When you are cleaning mold, pay attention to where it is growing from and what could be behind the excess moisture.

Low Water Pressure
A leak in the pipe interrupts the sealed pathway for water to travel by. This means you may have trouble keeping steady pressure coming from your showerhead, sink, or into your washing machine. Unexplained low water pressure is a perfect indicator that something is amiss in your plumbing.

Sudden Water Bill Increase
One of the reasons it’s so important to monitor your water consumption is to be able to identify when your bill reports concerning numbers. If you haven’t increased your water usage, but your bill shows a steady or sudden increase, you likely have a leak!

How Does A Water Main Burst?

It’s important to note that a leaking water line is a much better situation than a burst water line. The primary cause of both leaking and burst water lines is corrosion. Corrosion of pipes happens over time as weather and natural materials wear away at the integrity of the piping. It’s best to identify and repair a leaking pipe before those holes can be worn away and cause a completely busted line. Keep an eye out for those leaking pipe indicators!

Count On Your Reliable Plumbers!

No matter what kind or size of leak you suspect you have, it’s best to call in the pros. Our team at Norman Air has years of experience and specialized tools to make your leak detection process quick and easy. Then we always recommend the best solutions for you and your home. If you need leak detection services or plumbing repairs, contact us today!

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