As the winter season approaches, you’ll want the best HVAC system to combat the cold. Between gas and electric heaters, each one has its own benefits that will work in any home. If you’re looking for new ways to save on your electric bill or furnace maintenance, changing your heater may be a good option for you. But which one should you get?

Norman Air wants to share the main pros and cons of gas and electric heaters.

Gas Heaters

Pro: Gas Furnaces Create Lower Utility Costs

Gas heaters use natural gas to warm up your home. Gas heaters are combustion appliances that use your gas line to spread heat throughout your home. By using heat exchangers and chimney flues, gas heaters can extract heat from the gas line and pump warm air into your home, while pushing the carbon monoxide outside. These parts require less work on your system and will lower the cost of your utility expenses.

Pro: Gas Furnaces Work Well In Colder Climates

For areas with harsh winters, gas heaters are the best and most long-term solution. Using your electric heater for long winters will raise the cost of electricity in your home. It’s more cost-effective to invest in a gas heater in colder areas so you won’t use your electric heater for six months out of the year.

Con: Gas Furnaces Have More Parts To Repair

Because of how they function, gas heaters have lots of parts that need to be properly maintained. A skilled and knowledgeable specialist would have to come in to ensure everything is working properly. For instance, gas furnaces may have specific parts for particular services such as:


    Pilot light

    Flame sensor


Specific parts for each furnace can complicate your scheduled maintenance if the heater specialist isn’t familiar with the parts your specific unit requires. While both types of heaters require professional furnace maintenance, gas furnaces will require more attention than electric units.

Electric Heaters

Pro: Electric Heaters Are Environment-Friendly

Compared to gas furnaces, electric heaters overall have a lower environmental impact. Electric furnaces use air handlers and heating coils to pump heat into your home. These components don’t emit dangerous fumes into your space. Along with electric heat pumps, electric heaters recycle the air in your home rather than producing warm air from scratch. This will promote better air quality in your surrounding environment.

Pro: Electric Heaters Work Well In Warmer Climates

Because warmer climates use their heaters for a limited time, you won’t need to have costly winters with your heater. In warmer areas with lots of sunlight, you can even run your electric systems with solar panels to lower your utility bills even further. Areas like Norman, Oklahoma that don’t need the heater all year long can benefit from electric heaters.

Con: Electric Heaters Cost More Than Natural Gas Heaters

Electricity costs more than gas in terms of your utility bills. For those who want to budget their monthly expenses, electric heaters may not be the best option. While the expenses for gas heaters come from their maintenance charges, electric heater expenses come from utility expenses.

Norman Heater Installations With Norman Air

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