The biggest and most expensive appliance in your home is the central heating and cooling system. It may sound like a no-brainer to cover your HVAC system with a home warranty when purchasing a home or looking for home warranty coverage for your existing house. But, you might want to think again.

Did you know there are several different efficiency levels on HVAC equipment? Home warranty companies will normally replace your equipment with the least reliable brands and most inefficient models. This will cause more system failures and higher utility bills.

Buying the system outright from a reputable contractor allows you to choose the higher efficiency systems that pay for themselves in a short amount of time. And, the most reliable brands carry their own 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Another thing to consider is being in charge of your own repair and or replacement decisions. With a home warranty company, you’ll be waiting while they find a contractor to visit your home. Then, you will have to wait for them to receive approval in order to make the repair.

If the system needs to be replaced, you’ll often have to wait days for them to obtain and compare bids before replacement. If you don’t cover your HVAC system, you can make the decision of having the repair or replacement completed asap.

The last thing to consider is, who does the work. Home warranty companies are always looking for ways to make a profit. The contractor they send out will more than likely be working for lower-than-normal pay for the repair or replacement.

Did you know the quality of the installation can affect the efficiency of the system by over 30%? The reliability will also suffer due to poor installation. The person completing the work matters when it comes to HVAC.

As you can see, you should think twice about covering your HVAC in your home warranty. You should have the power to choose the new system that’s installed in your home, when it is installed, and who puts it in. There are years of comfort and utility bills at stake!

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