High-quality sewer lines can last for 50 years before they need to be replaced. Depending on the material they are made out of, these lines could also last for as little as 30 years. If you want your sewer lines to last as long as possible, it’s important to call Norman Air and schedule regular drain cleaning services.

8 Signs of Drain Issues

You should generally get drain cleaning services once a year. If you notice signs of a drainage problem, schedule an inspection right away. The following problems are signs that your drains aren’t working properly.

1. Foul Scents

When your sewer line isn’t working right, foul odors can escape into your home. Normally, sewer lines are airtight when they are functioning properly. This prevents any scents from leaving the sewer line. If you start smelling sewage and rotten eggs, it indicates that the sewer line is no longer airtight.

2. Slow Drains

If your pipes are clogged, your sink, bathtub, and toilet may not drain properly. Initially, a plumber will use a snake to remove clogs. If this doesn’t work, it means that there is a clog deeper in your system. For example, you may have a larger clog in the mainline of your sewer system.

3. Foundation Cracks

If a drain line or sewer line is broken, it will eventually damage your home’s foundation. It can also cause sinkholes in your yard. In addition to being dangerous, these repairs can quickly become expensive. Whenever possible, it is better to fix broken drain lines before they are allowed to leak for an extended period of time.

4. Unexpected Patch of Green Grass

While most people want to have green grass in their yards, this could be a sign of a potential problem. Pay attention to where your grass turns green. If there is an unexpected patch of green grass in a single part of your yard, it may be due to extra moisture from a leaking pipe.

When a sewer line breaks, it saturates the ground with water. This can make the ground sag in random places. Once the soil starts sagging, it can also cause the concrete in your patio, sidewalk, and driveway to shift and sag as well.

5. Mold

If a pipe breaks, moisture will escape into your flooring, walls, and ceilings. This can cause mold to grow inside your home. Other than being expensive to repair, mold can cause major health problems.

6. Repeated Clogs

If a single toilet is clogged, you’ll likely call a plumber to repair it. After they fix it, your drainage system shouldn’t have any other problems right away. If you get frequent clogs in different devices, the source of the problem probably isn’t a single toilet. Instead, it’s likely located in your sewer line.

When the clog only affects one toilet or sink, then there’s probably something wrong with that specific device. In this instance, it is important to call a plumber for professional drain cleaning services. Repeated clogs are an indication that there is a deeper problem, so you need professional help to find a solution.

7. Gurgling Toilets

Another indication that you need drain cleaning services is the sound of your toilet. Any gurgling noises are a sign that you may have a broken sewer line. When the sewer line is blocked, it fills up with water. Then, air gets trapped in the system and gurgles as it is released.

8. Rodent and Insect Problems

Rodents and insects are drawn to sewage. Normally, they remain in sewer systems and can’t enter your home. If you notice a sudden infestation, it may be because there is a small crack in your sewer lines. This crack allows pests to come into your home. Even if you treat the initial infestation, new rodents and insects will be able to enter your home through the crack. Fortunately, a plumber can easily repair your sewer line and alleviate your pest infestation.

What Happens During Drain Cleaning Services?

If you hire a plumber, there are a few things they will do to protect your drains and sewer lines. Initially, they will inspect your drains, toilets, and plumbing systems to see if there are any problems. Then, they will use snakes and other tools to remove blockages in your drains.

Often, people associate harsh chemicals with cleaning drains. In reality, caustic chemicals can damage your plumbing over time. Instead, plumbers use a range of physical tools to fix your drains. Sometimes, they use video pipe inspections to figure out which tool will work the best.

The video camera is initially mounted on a cable, so it can be threaded through your pipes. Then, it will travel down your drain and relay images back to the video monitor. This allows plumbers to see what the problem is and where it is located. With this information, they can target a specific location.

In most cases, the plumber’s main tool will be a hydro-jetter. A hydro-jetter basically forces pressurized water through your pipes. Because the pressure is so high, it can easily remove clogs and sediment.

Hydro-jetters remove any accumulation on the walls of the pipes, which means other particles won’t have anything to stick to in the future. This means that future clogs are even less likely to happen when you get professional drain cleaning services. Following this treatment, your plumber may do another video inspection to make sure everything was completely removed. You can ask to view this video if you want to verify that your pipes were thoroughly cleaned.

When Should a Plumber Perform Drain Cleaning Services?

Norman residents should always call a plumber for help right away if they notice any drainage issues. For most homes, routine cleanings should happen at least once a year. Depending on where you live and the drainage system you have, you may need drain cleaning services on a more frequent basis.

In between professional cleanings, you can do a few things to keep your drains in working order.

  • Pour hot water down drains each week to break up fat and grease.
  • Never let food, hair, or other items get into your drains.
  • Use a strainer to keep food out of your drainage pipes.
  • Never pour chemical drain cleaners down your drains.

Get Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Norman

At Norman Air in Norman, we offer heating, cooling and electrical services in addition to an array of plumbing services. Other than hydro-jets, we also use snakes to remove basic clogs. We can schedule routine maintenance checks each year, so your pipes will remain in excellent condition. In addition, you can enjoy having the following services.

  • Water line leaks
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Water softening
  • Water heater installation

If you have a major drainage issue, don’t hesitate to call our team right away. When you don’t treat a problem immediately, it can end up causing significantly worse damage later on. For help with routine drain cleaning and emergency maintenance, reach out to our team at Norman Air today.

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