At Norman Air, we take pride in providing you with the highest quality installation at an affordable price, with lasting peace of mind for the life of your system.

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    Competitive Pricing — Think You’ve Found A Better Deal?

    With our quality equipment and thorough installation process, including warranties, accessories, and maintenance, at Norman Air, we guarantee you will get more for less.

    If you do get a competitor’s comparative quote for less, we will beat it by at least $400. Just send us a copy of the quote and let us save you money.

    We Care About Your Home

    As people who live and work in the Norman community, we take pride in being held accountable to our neighbors. What does this mean for you? We do things right the first time with expert technicians and the best warranties in the industry.

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    What Are You Getting For Your Dollar?

    Make sure you’re getting the best deal by considering these points when looking over an HVAC quote:

    Not all brands are created equal. Some rate higher for reliability and longevity. Most brands even have lower-end “builder” models for you to choose from. Make sure you’re taking the time to make the best decision for your home’s needs!

    SEER rating and AFUE describe how much energy the unit uses. Generally, the higher the rating number, the more efficient the unit.

    These warranties are separate and will often vary based on the unit specs. See our warranty details here. Our Parts Warranty only covers parts – not labor. Our Labor Warranty covers the labor to install the parts! Understanding the warranty terms and duration is crucial to getting your money’s worth from your HVAC system.

    How long does a contractor warranty their work for additional things such as straps, drain pans, etc.? At Norman Air, we guarantee these things for the life of the unit! Make sure you read the fine print — there are usually stipulations for maintaining these warranties, such as keeping the unit on a maintenance plan, etc.

    It’s important to pay attention to the warranty options — these offers are meant to help you! Is it 0% financing for 12 months or 72 months? Is it an easy process or a huge hassle?

    What accessories are included (WiFi thermostat, humidifiers, air purifiers, etc.)? What extra work is needed (ductwork, electrical) and is it addressed?

    How many maintenance visits are included with the membership plan? The best practice to keep your system in shape is getting regular maintenance done on it twice a year. Once in the spring, and once in the fall — right after the heaviest months of usage.

    We replace the entire set of coolant lines when we put in a new unit to avoid any leaks and contamination in the system. Other HVAC and plumbing companies may skip this.

    The Best Prices For You

    We want nothing but the best for you at Norman Air. That’s why it’s our pleasure to offer the best services for the homes of Norman.
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