Power outages are no fun for anyone. One minute, you’re going about your day, and the next, everything shuts off. Suddenly, you can’t turn on the lights, use the microwave, or power up your laptop. The AC stops running, and your house gets hot and stuffy. It’s a huge inconvenience, and during severe weather, it can even become dangerous. So, what do you do when those outages hit? You could light some candles and hope for the best. Or you could be prepared with your backup power source, a generator.

What Is a Portable Generator?

Portable generators are small, engine-powered machines you can move around and use in different places. They are made to be easy to take anywhere and use. Here are some of the main features of portable generators.

Small Size

Portable generators go from little ones, the size of a suitcase, that you can take camping to bigger ones with wheels that you can roll around your yard. Because of their small size, it’s easy to take them places or store them in cupboards.

Gas Powered

Most portable generators run on gas engines. It gives them the plus of running a long time, but you’ll need gas to fill them.


Portable generators need you to pull a cord to turn the generator on by hand. This makes them more hands-on than ones that start automatically.

Outlet Hookups

These generators have outlet panels that let you plug devices directly into them using extension cords. This gives power whenever you need it, like for tailgating, camping, and outdoor events.

The portability and ease of moving portable generators make them great for bringing power with you, whether at home or away. They are suitable for power failures when you just need electricity for essentials. But they take effort to run and have some capacity limits.

What Is a Standby Generator?

Standby generators are installed permanently at your home, and they automatically give backup power when the electric grid stops working.

Why a Standby Generator Is Good for Your Home

A good backup generator is important for keeping your home powered during an outage. When looking for a long-term and efficient solution during a blackout, a permanently installed standby generator is an excellent choice. Here are some of the reasons why a standby generator is good for your home.

You’ll Always Have Power

Outages happen all the time due to storms, accidents, animals causing problems, and old equipment failing. Sometimes, power lines and transformers just get old and fail. No matter why it happens, you never know when the lights will go out. With a standby generator, you don’t have to worry. If your home loses power, the generator will start up fast and send electricity to your house circuits.

It keeps things like lights, appliances, heat, and your AC running. Our experts will help determine the ideal fuel type for your generator based on your home’s needs and location. Natural gas generators provide unlimited run time, while diesel can operate off the stored fuel supply. Your power stays on continuously.

Your House Stays Comfortable

When you lose power, it can get very hot or cold indoors. Air conditioning stops working during summer outages, and in winter, the heat shuts off. Your house becomes uncomfortable fast, and you may have to leave home during a long blackout. With a standby generator properly installed by [company name], you can maintain a comfortable environment inside, regardless of the weather.

Our experts will house your generator in a protective enclosure made of durable, all-weather materials. This sound enclosure shields the generator from rain, snow, high winds, and other elements. This ensures your heating and cooling keep going and that the temperature inside stays pleasant. Your home remains livable, even for days without utility electricity. You don’t have to relocate.

You’ll Be Safe

No power means no lights indoors or outside your home. It’s easy to trip and fall in the dark. Loss of power also shuts down home security systems. It leaves you vulnerable to crime. Backup electricity from a standby generator keeps rooms lit and security alarms working. You avoid accidents and stay protected. First responders say generators are important for medical devices, too.

Your Routine Isn’t Disrupted

Losing utility power ruins daily life. With no electricity, you can’t use fridges, stoves, microwaves, computers, TVs, and more. But with a backup generator professionally installed by [company name], you can maintain your lifestyle uninterrupted, even in blackouts. With the push of a button, the standby generator kicks in and keeps daily appliances working and your household running as usual. You can store food, cook, stay informed, and communicate. Your daily routine won’t change during an outage.

It Works Automatically

Standby systems turn on automatically when they sense power is out. Within seconds, your house circuits switch over to the generator. It shuts off by itself when utility electricity returns. You don’t have to do anything to operate it. The generator runs on natural gas or propane. As long as you have a fuel supply, it will keep your power on 24 hours a day. Our[company name] furthers convenience by offering wireless monitoring and control. You can check your generator’s status, fuel level, maintenance needs, and more from your smartphone. You can also connect smart home devices to automate turning on lights, adjusting your thermostat, and other actions when a power outage occurs.

It’s Tailored to Your Home

Every home’s backup power needs are different. The generator system should match the size of your house. It also must support the right electrical loads and devices. Our standby generator experts will study your home. They decide the perfect generator fuel type, size, and features you need.

They will also advise on the best location to install the generator, taking into account safety, noise, permitting requirements, and ease of maintenance. We can add options like wireless monitoring and home automation. This ensures your system works for your unique house.

When you are ready to purchase a standby generator, trust the experienced team at Norman Air to do a professional installation for you. Our licensed technicians will conduct a detailed analysis of your home to determine the best generator solution.

We handle everything from obtaining permits to final inspections, taking care of all the necessary work and eliminating uncertainty. You can count on us for the correct sizing, selection, and installation of a tailored generator that meets your family’s needs perfectly.

Furthermore, we provide annual maintenance and repair services so that your system continues running smoothly for years. Don’t take chances with power backup in your house.

Contact our experienced team at Norman Air today to get a custom standby generator installed that will automatically provide reliable electricity when you need it most. Our experienced technicians will ensure maximum comfort as well as security whenever there’s an electricity outage from utility companies nearby. Turn to us for HVAC, plumbing, or electrical services as well. We do it all!

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