Do you get your oil changed, tires rotated and inspections done right before and right after a long road trip or heavy use on your vehicle? If you don’t – you should if you want to extend the life of your vehicle! You rely on your vehicle for the safety and productivity of your family!

Did you know your HVAC system runs around 10-16 hours a day every day during a moderate summer or winter season? That’s 3,650 to 5,840 hours a year — many more hours than your vehicle! At Norman Air, we know that annual maintenance on your HVAC system should be routine to maintain the safety and comfort of your family and keep expenses low!

Why Schedule HVAC Maintenance in the Spring and Fall?

Taking care of your air conditioner and furnace maintenance in spring and fall allows us to prep your machine to work hard for you in the next season! We typically check and tune up your AC in the spring and your furnace in the fall, before Oklahoma weather puts stress on your system. We check EVERYTHING, from your system’s ductwork and motor components to airflow, filters, and more during our 18-point tune-up!

Call our Norman Air team today — now is the perfect time to have your AC or heater tune-up completed!

It’s Cost-Effective!

Did you know that maintenance can prevent 80% of HVAC repairs? Avoid spending unnecessary money on repair and replacement by keeping your system up to par with help from our team of experts!

In addition, having one of our technicians maintain your unit can increase efficiency by 10 to 20%! Dirty coils, clogged filters, drains, bent fins, small leaks, or electrical components malfunctioning can cost you more in utilities and cause breakdowns as temperatures get extreme!

You wouldn’t drive your car to work with old oil, dirty filters, and flat tires – don’t let your HVAC system go into summer or winter with components that are dirty and not functioning at peak performance!

Extend Your HVAC Unit’s Lifespan

The typical lifespan of most HVAC units is 10 years – but with regular maintenance, we see homeowners get well over 10 years out of their system! Without annual HVAC maintenance, you void your warranties and severely cripple your unit’s lifespan. During your tune-up visit with Norman Air, we also check for carbon monoxide leaks and fire hazards from a damaged heat exchanger to prevent malfunctions during extreme temperatures that would put you at risk.

Prevent your unit from only lasting 5-7 years before it gives up in the middle of sweltering or frigid temperatures! With our 18-point tune-ups, our experts can look over every inch of your equipment and catch system wear and tear or leaks, preventing larger problems and keeping your family safe.

Set yourself up for success and years of comfort by scheduling your 18-point air conditioner or furnace tune-up today! Questions? Give us a call or click on our chat icon to be connected to one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives!

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