So, you’ve requested the services of a professional water leak detection team, and they found the leak! You can breathe a sigh of relief that the pesky leak has been located and can finally be repaired. But what happens if your main water line is leaking? Where does the city or county’s responsibility begin and yours end?

Norman Air can help you navigate through a water main leak. We know it’s a lot to process for someone who doesn’t deal with plumbing all day long, so we want your experience to be clear and accurate. Keep reading to get answers on leak responsibility, Norman water main replacements, and even home insurance!

Your Water Line vs. The City’s

The city of Norman is responsible for maintaining hundreds of miles of water lines throughout the city. This may cause you to think that the city is the entity that needs to worry about repairing a water line leak, but that’s not always the case. If the leak is occurring on public property, the city or county is responsible for making repairs. If the leak occurs on part of the line that runs under your property, you’re responsible.

This is another reason why having a professional plumber is a great idea. An expert in the industry can identify for you where the leak is and help you figure out if you’re responsible for the repairs.

Norman Water Main Repairs & Solutions

If you are on the hook for a water leak, you’ll need professional water line repairs as soon as possible. As we mentioned above, a water line left to leak is a terrible idea — both for your peace of mind and your wallet. Our team can evaluate the extent of the damage to the pipe and recommend the best repair that will take care of the problem. If the problem is too severe, we might recommend a water main replacement. No matter what the solution is, you can have faith that our team has the best knowledge and work ethic to get the job done right.

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover The Main Water Line?

This question is always tricky to answer. To be clear, every situation is different, and we can’t promise your insurance will cover anything, but we can share our learned knowledge from working with customers.

If the water main breaks outside your property, but water still travels and damages your home, typical homeowner’s insurance will not cover the damages. If a pipe bursts inside your home and causes damage, typical homeowners’ insurance will cover the damages. The gray area involves a pipe bursting on your property. The cause of the burst pipe will usually determine the level of coverage. For example, a sudden weather event might constitute insurance coverage. The general sentiment seems to be that there’s no guarantee. The only way to know for sure is to clear it with your insurance provider or invest in flood insurance.

Do You Need Water Line Repairs Or Leak Detection?

When you are dealing with a mess like a water leak, you need a team who will stand by you through it all. We’re here to help our customers, even if that means waiting for insurance negotiation or helping figure out the most affordable solution. When you need water main services, contact the team who will help you: Norman Air!

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