Fixing things and seeing your home transform under your skillful hands is satisfying. But when it comes to electrical work, we’re here to give you a friendly nudge in the right direction: Put down that toolkit and pick up your phone to call us, Norman Air. You might think you’re saving some money by taking on the work yourself. Before you even think about fixing your own electrical problems, you need to know how important professional inspections are. You might be able to fix things like a blinking light or a broken outlet, but they might just be signs of something worse going on with your systems. However, knowing that this could result in additional damage, electrical fires and other safety risks is essential. Here are five dangers of DIY electrical work.

1. Electrocution Risk

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: electrocution. We get it — it might seem unlikely, but it’s a real danger. You wouldn’t believe how often it happens when people fiddle with wires without knowing what they’re doing. Those innocent-looking wires can pack a powerful punch, and an electric shock is no fun ride at the amusement park. It can range from painfully unpleasant to tragically fatal. Trust us, you don’t want to play Russian roulette with your safety. So, before you turn into an accidental human lightning rod, let us step in. Our team of professional electricians is just a call away, ready to sort out your electrical troubles safely and efficiently.

2. Permit Risk

Not only do you need to know how to do the work, but you also need to have the proper papers. You might be surprised to learn that you need a permit to mess with your electricity system. It’s not just a bother because of the paperwork; it’s for your safety. Permits ensure that the work meets safety standards. This stops problems from happening in the future and keeps your home safe. Don’t risk getting into a legal mess due to a violation of codes. We’ve got your back — we know everything there is to know about permits and will make sure everything is legal.

3. Fire Risk

When it comes to electrical work, one wrong move could spark disaster. Faulty installations or damaged wires can lead to electrical fires. They might be rare, but they can leave behind a trail of devastation when they happen. Remember, your safety and the safety of your loved ones depend on getting things right. Our experts emphasize the importance of calling in the pros for anything beyond changing a lightbulb.

4. Damage Risk

Your electrical system is all connected — a complex network of connections that keep your home running smoothly. One wrong twist of a wire nut could send shockwaves of damage throughout your system. The cost of fixing mistakes can quickly add up, and the hassle of dealing with the aftermath is something you definitely want to avoid. Our electricians know the ins and outs of these systems — let them do what they do best.

5. Inspection Risk

If you intend to sell your house, your DIY electrical work will cause problems. If your DIY electrical work isn’t permitted or doesn’t meet codes, you could be in for a rude awakening during inspection time. That’s not the kind of surprise you want when dealing with the stresses of selling. Avoid a last-minute scramble and potential redo by calling in the professionals from the start.

Why Should You Hire An Electrician?

When it comes to electrical work, your safety and peace of mind are non-negotiable. Hiring a qualified electrician isn’t just a choice; it’s a responsibility you owe yourself and your loved ones. Our skilled workers bring more than just their knowledge to the table. They also get a shield to protect them from possible dangers.

Qualified electricians know how to handle the complicated world of electrical systems. They understand how wiring, circuits and links work, so they can ensure that every part of your home’s electrical system is safe and works well. Not only do they keep you safe, but they also keep you from dealing with the problems and high costs of DIY mistakes.

No matter how big or small an electrical job is, it must be done carefully and according to codes and rules. Qualified electricians know all these standards, so you can trust that your job will be done well. Their expertise ensures that the job is done right the first time, whether it’s a repair, an installation or a complete electrical overhaul.

Hiring an Expert Electrician

When it comes to the electrical heart of your home, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Here’s a handy checklist to ensure you make the right call when hiring an electrician.

Vocational Training

A strong foundation is critical. Look for an electrician who has completed a specialized program at a technical college or vocational school. This training ensures they have a solid grasp of electrical principles and techniques.

Relevant Experience

Experience is a treasure trove of wisdom. Opt for an electrician who has dealt with projects similar to yours. Whether wiring a new room or fixing a faulty circuit, prior experience ensures they’re well-versed in the tasks.

Required Permits

Electricity and paperwork go hand in hand. Before hiring, confirm that your electrician is well-versed in the permits and licenses required by Oklahoma City. This keeps you on the right side of the law and guarantees that the work is held to safety standards.

Good Reviews

What do your neighbors have to say? Positive reviews from homeowners who’ve worked with the electrician can give you valuable insights. These reviews reflect their work quality, professionalism and how they interact with clients.

Personal Liability Insurance

Electrical work involves risks, and a responsible electrician knows this well. Check if the electrician has personal liability insurance. Electricians working in Oklahoma City need a general liability insurance certificate with a least policy limit of $50,000. This insurance protects you and them against any unforeseen mishaps during the job.

Workers’ Compensation

Safety nets are essential. Ask about workers’ compensation, a program that ensures the electrician is cared for if they get hurt. This is important because Oklahoma City requires this.

Call in The Experts

If you need a trusted electrician in Norman, OK, look no further than Norman Air. We’ve been serving the community since 2008, so we know the importance of having a safe and efficient electrical system in your home. As a local, family-owned business, we are dedicated to helping our neighbors by providing excellent services. Our team of qualified, background-checked technicians can handle various services. This means that your home’s most important systems are in good hands.

We are experts in HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. Norman Air isn’t just about fixing what’s broken; it’s about being your reliable partner in keeping your home comfortable and safe. From heating and cooling to plumbing and electricity, our extensive services cover every aspect of your home’s functionality.

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