How a New AC Can Save You Money

Did you know that buying a new AC system can actually save you money? It might sound like an outright lie at first, but investing in a new air conditioner will save you money over time. Before you call us crazy, let us show you how it works. Trust us — your wallet will thank you.

Reduce Energy Costs

There’s a reason we replace our air conditioners. Like all appliances, AC units become less and less efficient as they age. Even with regular maintenance, this decline is inevitable.

When you invest in a new AC unit, your home will be cooled by a system working at maximum efficiency, meaning it will use far less energy to cool your home. This in turn saves you money on your energy bills. You’ll see an immediate cut in costs when you install a new air conditioner.

High-Efficiency Units

Your energy savings from buying a new AC will only be compounded by choosing a high-efficiency unit. Your old air conditioner is likely only a 10 SEER unit and age has made it even less efficient than that. But your new AC will be a minimum of 14 SEER, which means it’s much more efficient than your AC was when it was new.

While a 14 SEER AC is plenty efficient, you can choose a unit rated at up to 22 SEER — for a price. While you’ll pay more upfront for better performance, you’ll see more savings in the long run.

Stop Pouring Money Into Repairs

Does it seem like your old AC is constantly needing big, costly repairs? If so, replacing the unit may be more cost-effective than continuing to pay for repairs over and over. If you’re looking at the latest bill for a string of expensive AC repairs, ask yourself whether it’s better to pay for more repairs like this one down the road or invest in a system that probably won’t need repairs for years to come. You may find that AC installation is a smarter financial decision than paying for years of expensive maintenance.

When should I replace my AC?

If you’re struggling to determine whether AC replacement or repair is the best option for your home and budget, there are several different factors you should consider to aid your decision. A good rule of thumb is that your AC needs to be replaced at 10-15 years old, but sometimes an AC unit can last fewer than 10 years. Even if your AC isn’t 10 years old yet, you should consider replacing it if you notice these signs that it’s at the end of its life:

  • It still uses R-22 refrigerant (which is no longer produced).
  • The unit needs frequent, expensive repairs.
  • Your energy bills are steadily increasing.
  • There are abnormal odors or noises coming from the system.

If you’re thinking about replacing your air conditioner, count on the pros at Norman Air. Our expert team will guide you as you make your decision and make the process of installing a new air conditioner as stress-free as possible.

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