Air Conditioning units are not the easiest systems to diagnose without a professional, but Norman Air has some helpful tips for you to test before you give us a call.

Quick Troubleshooting Tips

If your AC is not blowing cool air, but still running then there are some obvious things to look for first. Check to see if your thermostat could be switched to “ON” because sometimes it can be accidentally turned off.

Is either your air filter or your outside unit dirty? These could be clogged with dust and particles not allowing proper air flow into your home. Could your circuit breaker be tripped? This could shut off the flow of air while it seems like your thermostat is on and working on another circuit of the house.

If you have checked for all of these problems and none of them led you to a solution, then there could be a bigger problem with your AC unit. Don’t let the words “bigger problem” scare you because, with these next helpful tips, you may not even need to call in a professional.

Thermostat Switched to ON

If your thermostat is switched to ON and there is still no cool air entering your home then it is simply just providing a constant flow of warm air at this point. The next step would be to switch your thermostat’s fan to the “AUTO” setting which will tell the AC unit to only blow air through the vents when the AC is cooling.

Air Filter is NOT Dirty

If your air filter is not dirty then there is no problem with the airflow travelling through it. The air quality is good at the moment in your home, but the next thing to check would be the condition of the AC unit itself.

Outdoor Unit is Dirty

The condenser is the outdoor unit that prevents heat from entering your home. If this is dirty or clogged then it cannot properly get rid of that heat fighting to get through. Removing any debris with your hands and lightly spraying the outside with water is the best way to clean it. Do not spray with a strong stream or use any cleaning solutions or else it could damage the fragile fins that allow airflow to cool refrigerant in the condenser.

Your Circuit Breaker is Tripped

Most AC units have two circuit breakers that control the outside and inside units. If the outside unit breaker has tripped then the indoor unit will still run, but only push warm air throughout your home. If the outdoor circuit breaker has tripped then switch it back on. If it seems to trip again then there is a bigger electrical problem that is in need of professional assistance.

If none of these easy solutions that can be done by any homeowner works, you will need to call in a professional to take a closer look at your AC unit and determine if AC replacement is necessary. Norman Air is here to help with any air conditioning problems no matter how big or small. Schedule an appointment today if you are experiencing any of the problems listed above!

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