How To Treat Allergies At Home

Our well-being largely depends on our living environment, including the air we consume. Yet high-quality air’s impact on our health is constantly overlooked, especially its influence on our respiratory system.

If your family suffers from cold-like symptoms (such as a runny nose or sore throat) perpetually, you’re probably dealing with indoor allergens. Norman Air offers air quality services to reduce these irritants, allowing you to breathe easier.

But first, it’s essential to understand indoor air quality (or IAQ), as well as the most common allergens you might be facing.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines IAQ as “the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.” Essentially, it refers to how safe it is to breathe in your home!

Even the cleanest households will accumulate pollutants over time, whether they be from cooking and cleaning products, tobacco smoke, or sneaky dust mites. These irritants will linger without purification, which is where air quality services come in.

What Are Indoor Air Quality Solutions?

IAQ services are designed to keep harmful materials out of your air and, by extension, your lungs. Allergy-prone individuals benefit most from these solutions, as proper air quality maintenance can keep the following allergens away from their homes:

  • Pet dander: Though furry friends bring a lot of love into a family, they also bring tons of stray hair and skin flakes. These irritants typically lead to sneezing or a runny nose.
  • Dust mites: These pesky creatures typically hide in your mattress, and their microscopic remains may float through the air (yuck). The result is a scratchy nose and throat and, in extreme cases, difficulty breathing.
  • Cockroach droppings: If cockroaches infest your house, their excrement and saliva can provoke a wheezing cough or other asthma-like symptoms.
  • Pine Pollen: Pollen may originate outside, but it can easily slip in through open windows or doors, meaning you’ll be experiencing symptoms all day long. According to the Mayo Clinic, pine allergies are similar to hay fever, with symptoms varying from tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing, to itchy/red eyes, tongue swelling, sneezing, coughing, and runny nose.
  • Mold: Without regular AC maintenance, your home may struggle to regulate temperatures and humidity. Extra moisture allows mold to fester, and these spores can result in watery eyes, a constricted throat, or even a respiratory infection.

The Reme Halo and American Standard Accuclean purifiers are a perfect fit for lingering irritants as it helps bind those particles and allow them to be collected by the purification system. We also recommend evaporator coil cleaning and air duct cleaning to take care of particles of allergens and mold.

As unpleasant as these substances are, there’s no need to panic. As previously mentioned, a variety of IAQ solutions can tackle these allergens, thus eliminating any annoying respiratory symptoms. These solutions can include:

  • Air duct cleaning: Clearing air ducts of dirt and debris is an easy way to stop allergens from pumping through your home. Plus, this type of maintenance improves your air conditioner’s overall efficiency.
  • Air filtration and purification: Filtering and purifying devices can be integrated into your HVAC system. These technologies are designed to catch even the tiniest particles, removing nearly 100% of indoor pollutants and allergens.

Contact The Pros At Norman Air

If any of these air quality services piqued your interest, or if you’re simply interested in breathing better, contact Norman Air today. We’ll personalize IAQ solutions to fit your unique circumstances, whether you need to install a new filtration device or simply clean out your vents.

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